And then I was a refugee: interactive app from Red Cross
Expert panel asylum seeker policy full report released 13 August 2012

Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers Full Report

Background information

Operation Slipper - Australian Department of Defence
Operation Slipper - Australia's role in the war in Afghanistan

My name is Najeeba and I came here by boat - Amnesty International Australia
Faces of asylum exhibition
Refugee Council of Australia

Afghan refugees say thank you, Australia, please don't stop - The Australian April 2010
Afghan refugees in no mood for turning - The Australian April 2010
Refugees in Australian detention centres - Amnesty International Australia
The facts about asylum seeking process - Amnesty International Australia
Refugee Council of Australia
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre
Indigo Foundation Borjegai Schools Project
War Child UK - Afghanistan projects
Go back to where you came from documentary (part 1) and teaching notes (SBS Australia)

Novel study
Insight guide to The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif
ABC podcast with Najaf Mazari, Robert Hillman and Naldo Rei (2008)
ABC podcast from 2009 Perth Writers' Festival - the two names behind this book tell of its writing and the story in it.
ABC Radio podcast - Mr Luciano Di Gregorio, Year 12 English Team Leader at Methodist Ladies' College, takes us through The Rug-Maker Of Mazar-E-Sharif
Images from the book launch
Najaf's (author) studio
The Age book review