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  • Longreads: "the best long-form stories on the web". Explore topics; new articles posted daily.
  • Longform: "Collects outstanding new and classic nonfiction articles of substantial length. The site can also be browsed by categories eg. science, war, politics, arts & culture, editor's picks etc Search the archive for topics, authors, time periods, publishers, tags. iPad app available."
  • News360:”Informative multisource news in a user friendly format. Different news sources and different media are provided for news items – select and compare them. Read news in categories – science, politics etc; add your own categories; save items to read later; share stories; choose local news. A good resource to compare world perspectives on a particular news item.
  • News items are ranked for credibility & personalised (with accounts). Mobile apps available. “
  • Newseum: "Museum of news and journalism in Washington, DC. Choose a location and read the headlines of selected newspapers from that country or region" (63 countries covered.)
  • Newsy: "Multisource video news from around the world. 2 to 3 minute video clips of news items are read, amalgamating information from various global sources. The source of the information is credited as the item is read. Sources include Xinhua, Al Jazeera, New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, Human Rights Watch....Mobile apps available."
  • BBC Live World Map: "Worldwide - most popular stories now. Use left-hand menu to read news from world regions."
  • Hubii: "Discover what’s happening around the world. Displays headlines on one side and a Google Map on the other which shows various news publishers of that headline. Zoom in and see who is publishing or search a location and see what’s happening there. Use the Mapfilter to search for specific kinds of news eg. tech news. Use the Search Cloud to see what the world is reading & writing about. Add your own sources. Includes a language filter.“

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