VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Revolutions

DIANE WOLFF VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Revolutions

VCE Exam Guide - Visual Communication Design

DAVID MORRISON Think like a design student and use your skills.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Studio Arts

CINZIA STOJKOVICH The key to success is being able to apply your knowledge to a variety of questions.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Chemistry

Philip Ponder

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Mathematical Methods

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Mathematical Methods

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Physics

MELANIE LANE Well, you are the first year to sit a single 2.5-hour examination (not including 15 minutes of reading time) covering both Units 3 and 4 that will contribute to 60 per cent of your study score for Physics!

VCE EXam Guide 2013 - Biology

SUE MACGEORGE 2013 is the first year of the updated Study Design and the first time both Units 3 and 4 Biology are examined in one two-and-a-half-hour examination.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Legal studies

CATHY GENTILE Practice makes perfect

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Health and human development

MEREDITH FETTLING Achieving the best result you can will be determined by your understanding of the concepts but more importantly by your ability to apply these in a range of different ways.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Business management

ROBERT LEE Business success in 2013

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Further Mathematics

ROB VERMAY Failure to carefully read questions is one of the main reasons students lose marks.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Geography

RAYMOND PASK AND MARILYN WIBER This year has proved to be a rich one for undertaking a study of Geography.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Literature

ANNE BENNETT You are entering an exciting phase of the year in which your focus should turn to the examination. To maximise your performance, it is important to develop a strategy to prepare for those intense two hours.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - Psychology

LINDA CARTER The key to minimising anxiety and performing well in the VCE Psychology examination is to prepare thoroughly, which means starting revision early.

VCE Exam Guide 2013 - English

BOB HILLMAN The 2013 VCE exam is a showcase for skills gained through entire school careers.